Peter Beamish Biography

Peter BeamishPeter Beamish spent 20 years in broadcast and corporate television as everything from cable-wrapper to mobile TV cameraman. He’s been a producer, director, writer, editor and interviewer – often travelling the world to stage live events or shoot interviews.

His last ‘normal’ job was in the late ‘90s in high tech. “Two thousand employees and I had the best job in the building” says Peter. “A six-figure salary, a corporate AMEX card, a fantastic boss, and my job took me to places like Hawaii, the Cayman Islands, Australia, Europe and all over America. Really. I had a very sweet career going. AND – I knew it.”

But he eventually walked-away from it all. “Something was nagging at the back of my mind. There was this other thing that I wanted to do, although I wasn’t exactly sure what this ‘other thing’ was.”

Then came the 1-2-3 knockout punch of Neo, Osho and Abraham.
“My first three spiritual teachers.” Peter explains.

“I stepped outside the theatre after seeing The Matrix and the world was somehow slightly tilted. It never did straighten-out for me again.” Then (60’s mystic) Osho “rocked his world”. And then, he says, “when Abraham first came through my earphones they stopped me dead in my tracks. Literally. I couldn’t walk and listen at the same time – it was THAT powerful.”

Peter simply walked away from his happy, secure nine-to-five world and created Aura Productions – or more simply put –

“I’m now completely smitten with all things metaphysical. I’m a kid again. A kid in a candy store.” now produces a steady stream of cool video stuff. Their first DVD, Introducing Abraham: The secret behind The Secret? is a stunning piece of work. A trilogy of episodes – it literally has to be seen to be believed. has also produced a DVD on Lee Carroll – channeller for Kryon called The Whole Story, and – releasing this July through Hay House – Introducing Neale Donald Walsch – God’s Latest Scribe? also produces the bi-monthly Law of Attraction in Action DVD series featuring highlighted Abraham-Hicks Art of Allowing Workshops. And has a series aimed at plugged-in teens called, In Other Words – Deeply Chilled Television.

Peter sums it all up by commenting, “I used to say I had the best job in the building. Now, I say I have the best job on the planet.”